Game Overview

A gigantic asteroid field is drifting through space threatening all planets in the system ! Use your rockets to destroy as many asteroids as possible before they collide with any planets. The gameplay is really simple :

Tap-Tap-Rockets is a truly riveting skill-testing game featuring a very original and extremely simple gameplay concept, 27 levels of increasing difficulty, as well as different bonuses and useful power-ups to collect. Very easy at the beginning, the pace of the game progressively accelerates to offer a genuine challenge for all gamers who like competing for the high score !

Tap-Tap Rockets is available on the Apple App Store, Android market, and HP App Catalog for only 0,99$!


Contact the team

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any comment about the game or if you need technical support, by using the form available on the Pixilabs Software website.